Athens - Acropolis

Greece begins in and revolves around Athens one of the most ancient capitals of the Western World Athens was first in-habited some 6.000 years ago by Pelasgians and later by Ionians, who found the great rock of the Acropolis, or Upper City as the name implies in Greek, a natural strong hold.


As the city grew it was dedicated and named after the Goddess of wisdom, Athena The Sacred Rock of the Acropolisstands 156 metres above sea level and impressively dominates modern imitations architectural.


Clearly visible from any part of Athens, the delicately poised and dazzling white columns of the Parthenon stand out against the blue sky of Attica, an immortal symbol of the spirit and genius of man.


The monuments of the Acropolis are the work of the Golden Age of Pericles a period when the world’s greatest sculptors and architects of all times lived Phidias Mnisicles, Iktinos and Kallicrates are the names behind the creation of this wander which has shone like the sun through the centuries.