One Day Trip to Delphi


Hosios Loukas Monastery (optional)


Starting from Athens - driving towards northern Greece besides Theves - Orchomenos (traditional agricultural village / short stop) - Arachova (well known traditional village famous for its carpets / located in the foot of mount Parnassos / ski resort center / short stop) -  Delphi (Sanctuary with famous Oracle / visit of Temple of Apollo, Tholos of Athens Pronaia, Castalian Spring, Treasury of the Athenians, Stoa of the Athensians, Polygonal wall, Sacred Way, ancient Theater, Treasury of Siphnians, ancient Stadium) - Delphi (Archaeological Museum) - [....Hosios Loukas Monastery (Byzantine monument listed on UNESCO's World Heritage Sites / visit of Church of Panagia Theotokos, Katholikon, Crypt with Hosios Louka's relic)....] - driving back to Athens.


Duration :  9 hours


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Visit the unique sanctuaru of Delphi