Two Days Trip Delphi & Meteora



First Day :  Starting from Athens - driving towards northern Greece besides Theves - Orchomenos (traditional agricultural village / short stop) - Arachova (well known traditional village famous for its carpets / located at the foot of Mount Parnassos / ski resort center / short stop) -  Delphi (Sanctuary with famous Oracle / visit of Temple of Apollo, Tholos of Athens Pronaia, Castalian Spring, Treasury of the Athenians, Stoa of the Athenians, Polygonal wall, Sacred Way, ancient Theater, Treasury of Siphnians, ancient Stadium) - Delphi (Archaeological Museum) - driving through the Mount Parnassos - passing via traditional villages (Gravia and Bralo / short stop for admiring and taking photos the panoramic view of Maliakos Culf) - Lamia - Domokos - arriving to Kalampaka Meteora (The Rocks of the God) - Dinner and overnight in the Kastraki traditional village.


Second Day :  Starting in the morning after breakfast - climping to the magnificent rock towers of Meteora (the whole monasteries complex has been listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites) - visit the most important monasteries (at least five : the Monastery of Great Meteoron, the Monastery of Rousanou, the Monastery of Agia Triada/Holy Triniti, the Varlaam Monastery, the Monastery of Saint Nikolaos Anapafsa and the Monastery of Saint Stephanos) -  driving back towards Athens -  Thermopylae (stop/visit of the monument of King of Sparta Leonidas who with 300 Spartans in 480 B.C.  faced Persian forces under King Xerxes A' / It was there that Leonidas said to Xerxes the famous phrase "Molon Lave" which means "Come and Get It") - late afternoon arriving to Athens.



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Visit Meteora the maginicent Rocks of the God